Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Philadelphia Food Musts

Philadelphia is a great food city. What I appreciate about Philadelphia so much are the many unique local food experiences that you can have. You won't see chain restaurants on every corner downtown. Instead you will find many one-of-a-kind places that your won't find elsewhere in the country.

Reading Terminal Market is a great place to experience local Philadelphia cuisine. Sandwiches, seafood, cheese steaks, chocolates, cheeses, and pastries are everywhere. I recommend having a cannoli from Termini Brothers.

Ofcourse Philadelphia is famous for their cheese steaks also. No visit to the city would be complete without heading down to Pat's and Geno's where they compete head-to-head across from each other. Although if you want the best cheese steak in the city head down to Jim's Steaks on South Street.

For another uniquely Philadelphia food experience you can try Chickie's & Pete's. Their crab fries (fries with crab seasoning) with cheese dipping sauce are delicious and addictive.

Another thing I love about Philadelphia is their beer selections. Draught beer selection usually consist of local craft beers, and not Budweiser, Coors, and Miller. If you're not from the East Coast then you'll have a chance to try some Yuengling.

Finally, Philadelphia offers food with history. Places like Franklin Fountain, where you can have a Philadelphia-Style chocolate egg cream from an antique soda fountain. No stop to the city would be complete without taking in some of the cities distinct historical sites.