Sunday, October 5, 2014

DiNiC's - The Best Sandwich in America?

Deep inside Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market sits Tommy DiNiC's Pork and Beef. They recently gained notoriety by winning Travel Channel's "Best Sandwich in America" for their roast pork sandwich. Check out the video here.

So is DiNiC's roast pork sandwich the best sandwich in America? I went and had one myself to find out.

I arrived about lunch time and the place was packed. It looked like a good mix of locals and tourists in line. My mouth was watering in anticipation as I placed my order. I got the roast pork with broccoli rob and sharp provolone (the exact same way as the winning sandwich on TV).

The moment of truth was here. As I took my first bite I was disappointed. The sandwich was good, but far from epic. The ingredients themselves were of a very high quality, but the ensemble of them all together did not work well. The pork itself was watery and tasteless. The provolone cheese was good but too overbearing to complement the other flavors. The broccoli rob was bitter and took away from the overall taste. However, the bread was quite good.

The overall flavor of the sandwich was not well balanced. The texture (bite) and temperature of the sandwich were quite good. Overall all I was not impressed and would skip this sandwich next time.

Final thoughts - I could see how the flavors in this sandwich might really appeal to some people. This is one you'll need to go try for yourself and decide.