Friday, October 17, 2014

Axiom 55: The Survivor Guide to Success

By no means am I a fan of the television show Survivor. It was entertaining the first couple seasons, but has long since run its course for me at least. However, what I did learn from the show was from its tag line, "Outwit. Outplay. Outlast". It is those three simple words combined that embody what it takes to be successful. 

Let me explain...

Outwit - You must find a way to be smarter than your competition. Competition could come in the form of a co-worker going after the same promotion as you, or another company going after the same customers as yours. You should always be learning as much as possible so that you can be quick on your feet and outsmart your competition.

Being able to outwit your competition means that you will have to draw from you life experiences as well as your basic ability to think on your feet.

Outplay - If you can outwit your competition you still have to outplay them. You have to work harder than them and think strategically. It's not good enough to just be smart. You have to apply that knowledge into a plan of action.

Outlast - If you can outwit and outplay your competition you still must outlast them until you are victorious. You must be willing to be patient and go the extra mile. Some battles take years to win. You must let your competition know that you will not give up. Wear them down until they quit.

If you look at successful CEOs and business people you will find that they most likely mastered the ability to outwit, outplay, and outlast to get where they are today. You must learn how to succeed at all three if you want to truly be successful.