Friday, December 18, 2015

Jungle Jim's International Market

There is a grocery store near Cincinnati, Ohio that is like no other. A huge, food-theme park that calls out to foodies from all over. It is called Jungle Jim's International Market.

With 200,000 square feet of nothing but foods, some pretty rare, this place is like a Super Wal-Mart without the non-perishable items.

But let's be clear, this place is far from your average big box retailer. It really is much more fun than that. Creative displays are all through the store.

The layout is scattered for the most part. So unless you come here often you probably won't know where to find everything. You just have to walk around and try to enjoy the ride. I was blown away from their four aisles of soft drinks.

The international food sections are laid out by country. They have the best selection of rare and hard-to-find food items I have ever seen. I was very impressed. 

If you're in the area you have to check it out. I just wish there was a store like this where I live.