Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Best BBQ in Dallas: Pecan Lodge

I've done many BBQ reviews on my site already but there is one place in Dallas worth mentioning: Pecan Lodge. Located in Dallas, Texas, Pecan Lodge has what I consider the best BBQ anywhere in the area. It is definitely worth a trip there, especially for a chance to try one of their giant beef ribs.

My first trip there and I was a little put off. There was a long line to wait in. I thought to myself, "I've waited in line at Franklin Barbecue for BBQ. There's no way that this will be as good. I can't believe I'm waiting in a long line for this."

The inside was not all that impressive to me either. Sure, it was nice and clean but it didn't feel like a BBQ mecca. It felt a bit like a polished yuppie hangout. 

Then we ordered food and I found out that this place is expensive. So at that point I was put off by the line, the decor, and the price. I was really expecting mediocre barbecue. 

Boy was I wrong! I ordered some brisket, sausage, jalapeno mac n' cheese, and burnt ends. It was all fantastic and on par or better than Franklin Barbecue (Which I considered the best BBQ until this point). However, the giant beef rib (pictured above and below) puts all the other meats they have to shame.

The giant beef rib always sells out. They open at 11:00 am and I've seen them sell out by 11:15 am. You have to get there early for one of these, but it is worth it. The giant beef rib takes BBQ to another level. Once you eat it you will forsake all other BBQ. We are talking life changing BBQ here. So if you are ever in the Dallas-Fort Worth area put Pecan Lodge on your to-do list. Any other BBQ place locally is a pale comparison to the food here.