Saturday, July 25, 2015

Some Random Original Quotes

Years before I wrote my first Axiom I would occasionally jot down my thoughts whenever possible. It was, and still is, my way of figuring things out in the world. What started out as tiny fragments written incoherently in a journal eventually turned into the Axioms I later wrote about. 

I went back recently to look at a time about 12 years ago when I was finishing my undergraduate degree and starting graduate school. It was a time of immense self-discovery and learning for me. 

Below are some of the interesting quotes I wrote down ten years ago:

"Happiness means you don't own an alarm clock."

"People work hardest when the challenge is the greatest."

"Great people lead by example, not words."

"Words are meaningless illusions cast by the soul."

"If you call out to God in a time of need, does that mean he doesn’t care? Or does it mean he cares too much?"

"Two men are wealthy. One is admired, and the other is despised. Why is this?"

"Sometimes it is better to be lucky than smart."

"Nothingness is the greatest pain we face. Even God cannot stand to be alone."

"Adversity helps bring about happiness and satisfaction."

"Man is mortal and immortal. All of his actions should bear this in mind."

"True fulfillment can only be reached for and sometimes touched, but never held permanently."

"People are never satisfied unless they are satisfied with being unsatisfied."

"Finding million dollar ideas is not the problem. It's executing them."

"You will never get big-time results if you are a small-time thinker."

"Being poor is a choice, just as being rich is. Poor choices + poor mindset + poor time management will always = poor results."

"The rule of scarcity: If people read my works when I’m alive they might be amused. If they read them 100 years from now they might think I’m a genius."