Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ben's Chili Bowl - Half Smokes at Home

I've never been to Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington D.C. but have always wanted to go there. They are famous for their chili dogs and now you can buy them online shipped right to your door.

I bought their Original Chili Half Smokes, which cost me almost $90 shipped to my house. Ouch! Quite an expensive experience for (8) sausages and (1) pint of chili (buns not included). It's not really Ben's fault since the shipping costs really account for much of that price.

Preparation was easy. The half smokes needed to be cooked so I whipped out the skillet and sizzled them to perfection. The chili is already cooked so I just heated it up in the microwave.

So how was the taste?

I was surprised. These were pretty damn tasty. They have a very unique and smokey flavor to them. By themselves the chili and the smokes leave something to be desired, but together they are magic. Overall, I would give them a 7.5 out of 10 on taste.

One side note: These things are a lot bigger than the pictures make them appear. Two of these will fill you up. If you get the smallest package of (8) smokes invite a few friends over to enjoy them with you.

Final Thoughts: These were tasty, but pricey. I wouldn't order again, but I'm dying to try the real thing on my next trip to D.C. If you are a foodie or an expat from D.C. then this may be worth a purchase.

How to Cook Half Smokes at Home