Thursday, May 1, 2014

Software That Can Change Your Life

Here's my top five picks of software that can change your productivity and your life as well:

5. Adobe Creative Cloud ( / $49.99 per month)

I'm sure you've all heard or used some of Adobe's products. In the past their software was so expensive that only professionals could afford it. However, since their roll out of creative cloud it is now affordable for the everyday user. Sign up, then log onto to watch some training videos that open up your world to the potential of doing some freelance work or launching the digital product of your dreams.

4. Evernote ( / free basic version / $45.00 per year for the premium version)

I store everything in Evernote: Models #'s of household parts, clothing sizes I wear, random ideas, account numbers, to-do lists, my goals, and so on. Evernote works as a desktop program, a website, and a mobile app that all sync. With Evernote you will always have the most updated versions of all your notes wherever you go.

3. Plaxo ( / $5.00 per month basic version)

Plaxo is a service that syncs all of your contacts and calendars across platforms. This is great for any business people that have a lot of contacts and multiple computers.

If you're a writer there is no better program than Scrivener. This is the best thing since Microsoft Word. The layout allows for quick and easy storyboarding. The best thing is you'll save hundreds of hours on your bigger sized projects with this software.

1. Active Words ( / free basic version / $49.95 premium version)

If you perform the same daily computer tasks over and over (opening files, writing the same text, going to the same websites, etc.) then Active Words could be the best computer program you'll ever use. You set up quick text "triggers" to automatically launch files or other actions. The amount of time I save each day at work is staggering because of this program.