Sunday, September 15, 2013

Five Websites that Can Change Your Life

The Internet is a glorious place that can actually help you become successful and finish your projects if you know where to look. Below are five fantastic website that you should be using.

5. LinkedIn ( - LinkedIn is now the world's greatest networking website. With over 200 million members this is a great place to make new connections. This is not just a website people come to that are looking for a job. This is a website that you can use to connect with customers, follow companies, network with new business contacts, discover new products, follow market trends, and so on. The benefits are almost too great to mention and best of all a basic membership is free.

4. Elance ( - Any task that can be done at least 80% as well as yourself should be delegated. That's where Elance comes in handy. If you have a project you are working on and need a little help why not hire someone else to do the heavy lifting? Elance allows you to post a project you want done and allow freelancers to bid on it. On the flip side Elance is also a great site if you are a freelancer looking to make some extra money.

3. AppSumo ( - AppSumo is a great little site that sell various products designed to make your career life easier and make you more successful in the process. You can sign up for their very non-intrusive daily email offer that will send you new product deals. Most of their products are very affordable and very effective.

2. TED ( - TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. It is a website with a vast collection of video clips from some of the brightest people imaginable on a wide variety of topics. New videos are added constantly and it is guaranteed that you will find something that peaks your interest.

1. Lynda ( - Lynda is a monthly subscription based website that has in-depth video tutorials for almost every piece of software on the market today. If there is any piece of software you have ever wanted to know how to use Lynda is the best place to go. Reading software books can be tedious and confusing. Instead, save yourself the frustration and watch Lynda's videos of someone using the software in real time.