Friday, March 22, 2013

Axiom 33: Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life

Whether you knew it or not, your handwriting tells a lot about who you really are inside. When you write in cursive your personality flows out into your handwriting. I first became aware of this after hearing a radio interview with handwriting expert Bart Baggett. At first it sounded like quack science but I was interested enough to investigate the handwriting of some people I knew to verify that there was validity to what he was saying. 

The first big thing I noticed is that women and men have different writing styles. They both think differently and it is reflected in the way they write. Then I thought, "but what about successful people versus unsuccessful people? Do they have different writing styles as well?" 

According to Bart Baggett they do.

There are a couple of handwriting traits that successful people might have. First, writing words upwards from the baseline is a sign of optimism. Secondly, underlining your name is a sign of self-reliance. See my signature above for an example of both these traits. I changed my signature to exhibit these traits after I saw these same traits in the signatures of successful people I know.

Another big trait that successful people often exhibit is found in the lowercase "t". People that cross their t's higher tend to have higher confidence. People that cross their t's lower tend to lack confidence.

Consciously forcing yourself to write differently can actually rewire your brain to think differently. You can boost your confidence, change the way to view the future, change your ability to react to problems, change your attitude, and so on.

I don't normally like to plug products, but for those interested in finding out more check out Bart Baggett's website: