Saturday, February 9, 2013

Axiom 31: The Tipping Point

"The best way out is always through." -Robert Frost

"No great achievement is possible without persistent work." -Bertrand Russell

Most of the time in life there are no shortcuts. What usually happens is that we get a great idea of something big we want to accomplish and everything fizzles out in the beginning. 

I've noticed that all of my accomplishments in life had a tipping point. A point in which I realized that I was so far into a project that it was easier to finish than quit. That's why I encourage you to rush toward the tipping point on anything you want to accomplish in life.

Take college for example. How many students drop out during their first semester as opposed to students that drop our during their last semester? College students reach that tipping point where they accumulate so many credit hours that they wouldn't dare drop out unless they had a huge reason for doing so.

So whatever you want to accomplish in life rush towards the tipping point before you lose momentum and fail.

Here are some ways you can get to the tipping point quicker:

  • Tell your friends and family about your goals. This holds you more accountable to finish what you start.
  • Ride the wave of enthusiasm as hard as possible in the beginning and commit as much time as possible. This will get you further along in your project and allow you to reach the tipping point before your enthusiasm has time to fade away.
  • Set dates and schedules to finish your projects and hold to them.
  • Make a financial investment in your project. Although usually an investment of time pays greater dividends.
  • Invest in education about the goal you're working on.
  • Network with people that will help push you toward your goal.