Friday, October 12, 2012

Lazy Man's Guide to Learning Guitar

Have you always dreamed of playing the guitar but you're just too damn lazy to take lessons? I have a few way to beat the system and make the learning curve easier and more fun. Try these tips below and before you know it you'll be rocking out like Ted Nugent.

Method #1 - for the Super Cheap Ass - Learn the Ukulele - I know the the ukulele is not a guitar, but it is way easier to learn. Ukuleles only have four strings instead of six like a guitar so the chords are easier to learn. It is pretty easy to play after only a few hours of time invested. Check out Dr. Uke's Waiting Room for songs to see how easy it is. Once you get the basics down you can progress to a real guitar fairly easy or you can buy a baritone ukulele for a guitarlike sound. Best part is you can pick one up for about $50.

Method #2 - for the 'I can't pull my ass away from Xbox' person - Buy Rocksmith for Playstation or Xbox. You can plug in your own real electric guitar or buy one in a package deal with the game. The game teaches you all the chords and tricks and let's you play real rock songs. I bet the people that put 10,000 into Guitar Hero feel stupid now!

Method #3 - for the computer dork rockstar wannabe - For about $400 you can buy a Fretlight guitar. You basically hook this thing into your computer and download the songs you want to learn into the guitar and it lights up the fretboard showing you where to put your fingers. Pretty easy and cool.