Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy 1st Anniversary!

The Axioms of Success started one year ago today and is still going strong. I've had a great time sharing my thoughts and stories from years past. This website has been a great release for me and has inspired me to become a better person and try new things.

With 20 axioms now posted you may be curious as to what's coming next. I have notes written for at least 30 more axioms. Future topics include: A Simple Guide to Time Management, Change Your Handwriting-Change Your Life, A Modern Revision to Franklin's Chart of Virtues, A Guide to Sane Finances in an Insane World, and much more. 

Besides more axioms I've also got some new food experiences to post about including a review of Texas' best BBQ places. So check back often or subscribe via email to get updates as soon as they get posted. Thanks for your support and if you have any suggestions please email me @