Friday, February 17, 2012

Top 10 Regional Fast-Food Chains

There's a McDonald's, a Subway, and a Burger King in every city in America, but those places don't excite me much. What does excite me are the smaller regional fast-food chains. These are the places that I crave that aren't available nationwide.

Here's a countdown of my top ten favorite regional fast-food chains:

10. Raising Cane's - They offer chicken strips cooked to perfection. There's not much to choose from on the menu, but everything they serve is delicious. A must try is their meal called, The Box. It contains chicken strips, fries, Texas toast, and their special Cane sauce - which is unbelievably awesome.

9. El Pollo Loco - This is what Chipotle should taste like. These specialty burritos are delicious. A must try is their Califresco. It is a burrito with meat, corn, and other fresh veggies. Be sure and also try both the green and red salsas.

8. Braum's - This is a classic place for a burger and ice cream desserts. The must try here are the crinkle-cut french fries. They are the best fast-food fries anywhere in my opinion. Also make sure you treat yourself to one of their many specialty double-dip sundaes.

7. Jersey Mike's Subs - This is like a way better version of Subway. They slice all of their meat fresh when you order it, and the bread is delicious. I recommend getting the Club Sub "Mike's Way".

6. Whataburger - Great burgers, onion rings, fried pies, shakes, and maybe most importantly great ketchup. Their ketchup is a special recipe that will have you stealing a few extra packets for the house.

5. Captain D's - I've never liked Long John Silver's. I've always thought Captain D's was a million times better. The problem is they are becoming harder and harder to find. If you are lucky enough to find one make sure you try the Bite Size Shrimp Dinner with some extra hush puppies.

4. Taco Casa - The food here reminds me a lot of something you'd find at a high school football game, but in a good way. They are always generous with the portions, and the prices are cheap. Be sure and try the cheese nachos with peppers. The queso is addictive!

3. Del Taco - Del Taco is an interesting mix of items. This is one of the few places where you can get tacos and tater tots all at one place. The highlights here are the fish tacos and the funnel cake fries.

2. Culver's - Culver's is a lot like Braum's, but with frozen custard instead of ice cream. They also have delicious crinkle-cut fries. Be sure and try their frozen custard. It is like rich, buttery ice-cream.

1. Taco Bueno - There's no where I love more than to chow down at Taco Bueno. The Mexi-Dips & Chips are a must as well as their Cheesecake Chimichangas. Their queso is the best around, and their ingredients always taste fresh.