Friday, October 14, 2011

Review of Jeff's Egg Cream Sodas

So what the hell is an egg cream soda? I wasn't sure myself until I stumbled onto Jeff's Egg Cream Soda website. Apparently its a mixture of syrup, milk, and soda water. Egg cream sodas are popular up in the New York area where they are normally made and served in delis. They're not typically bottled so no one has really seen or heard of them in a large part of the country.

I was intrigued enough to order Jeff's Rainbow Pack, which includes a six-pack of all four flavors: Jeff's Chocolate Soda, Jeff's Diet Chocolate Soda, Jeff's Vanilla Dream Soda, and Jeff's Orange Dream Soda. You'll probably never see these for sell in any stores so you'll have to order them online if you want to try them for yourself. Shipping soft drinks is quite expensive so expect to pay at least $50 for the experience.

It took about 10 days for me to receive my order in the mail. I was almost doubting if they were going to ship them or not because I never received a tracking number or shipping confirmation. However, finally they did arrive at my doorstep and the anticipation was killing me.

So here's what I though about Jeff's Egg Cream Sodas: 

Jeff's Chocolate Soda - (My Rating: 8.5 out of 10)

The chocolate soda is the flagship of Jeff's sodas. I thought the taste was actually quite good and very unique. I've never had another drink that tasted anything like it. I can see this being a very acquired taste so there will be a lot of people out there who will not like it. However I enjoyed it so much I could easily drink two or three of these in one sitting. It tastes sort of like a mix of Coca Cola and chocolate syrup or chocolate milk. I know that description doesn't make it sound very appealing, but I really liked the flavor.

Jeff's Diet Chocolate Soda - (My Rating: 4.0 out of 10)

I don't enjoy drinking any diet sodas and this was not an exception. It tasted like a cross between flat Diet Coke and chocolate syrup. The chocolate flavor was good, but the soda flavor was not very good. I wasn't able to finish it, but if you like diet sodas (and egg cream sodas) then maybe you'll think otherwise.

Jeff's Vanilla Dream Soda - (My Rating: 5.0 out of 10)

It looked like milk which I thought was a little strange. The taste was like carbonated sweet milk, or carbonated Carnation Instant Breakfast. It tasted okay, but this will definitely be an acquired taste for those that really enjoy this. For me I thought it was a little too strange, so I wouldn't probably order this one again.

Jeff's Orange Dream Soda - (My Rating: 6.5 out of 10)

I have drank a lot of orange cream sodas in my life and this one tastes more like a dreamsicle ice cream than any other one I've ever had. I think why this one works so well is because it has more of a cream flavor rather than a citric soda flavor. The more I drank the better and better it tasted. If you like orange cream sodas this one is worth a look.

Overall Recommendation

If you want a unique experience give these sodas a try. I would recommend trying the chocolate soda and the orange dream soda first. Then you can try the diet chocolate soda and the vanilla dream soda if you are feeling more adventurous. Just realize that these are going to be unlike any other sodas you've had before so YMMV.