Saturday, June 25, 2011

Top 5 Sodas You've Gotta Try

Back in the day, and I mean WAY back in the day, drinking a soda every once in a while was considered a real treat for people. Now people guzzle sodas all day long and don't think twice about it. So how can we bring back that special soda feeling people once had?

I reached a breaking point where I was extremely tired of drinking the same sodas day in and day out. I was lucky enough that there is a place near me in Dallas called The Soda Gallery that sells soft drinks from all across the world. So I went there, loaded up a crate of different soft drinks, and I spent a month drinking some of the tastiest sugary beverages known to man. Below are my absolute favorites that you have probably never heard of. 

I encourage you all to find a soda shop near you and do the same experiment that I did. But beware - once you drink some of these sodas below those regular sodas will never taste as good again. 
5. Frostie Blue Cream Soda - Frostie has been around for awhile. They do a variety of other flavors, but the blue cream soda has a unique flavor that is unlike any of the mass produced sodas.

4. Manzana Lift - This is a soda from Mexico. It is light, flavorful, and is basically carbonated apple juice. It is great combination of juice and soda that is not overly sweet.

3. Boylan's Orange Soda / Boylan's Grape Soda - This is the way Sunkist and Welch's should taste. The flavors are vibrant, and smooth. They are made with pure cane sugar, which is why they taste so much better than their mainstream alternatives that are made with corn syrup. 

2. Bulldog Root Beer - This is a root beer made from the highest quality ingredients. There is a lot of care put into making this stuff and that's why it tastes top notch. They actually brew this stuff like real beer. It has a smooth honey flavor as opposed to a fake licorice flavor found in many mainstream root beers.

1. Henry Weinhard's Gourmet Sodas -  Its kind of a cruel twist of fate that my favorite sodas are made in Fort Worth about 20 miles from my house, yet they are only sold and distributed on the west coast. They currently make 4 flavors all of which taste absolutely amazing. If you only try one of my suggestions on this list make Henry Weinhard's the one you choose.

Bonus: Irn Bru - Pronounced "Iron Brew", this Scottish soft drink is so popular it outsells Coke in Scotland. Here in the states you'll have to order it online from their website if you want to try it. The version they sell here is different than the one over in Scotland. Apparently the food coloring they use over there isn't allowed by the FDA here in the US. The taste is really hard to explain because it doesn't taste like is looks - It actually has a strong vanilla flavor. sidenote: It goes wonderfully with some Blue Bell Ice Cream in a ice cream float!